Management training compact 5h (EU) 2018/858

Mark Haacke Training & Consulting
Strategy Consulting, Quality Management, Management, Project Management, Approval Related Requirements


From September 1st, 2020, the new framework regulation (EU) 2018/858 is mandatory for the approval of vehicle types and their equipment.

Of course, all training courses from Mark Haacke Training & Consulting are based on the new requirements.


The training almost summarizes the essential main points of the basics of the approval procedures and conformity of production and puts them together in a correspondingly focused way for the decision-makers in the companies.

Mark Haacke, who can draw on almost 20 years of practical experience in this complex subject area, leads through the training.

Do not bother to read legal texts and regulations or directives! Deal directly with the actions to be derived from them! Mark Haacke guides you in a relaxed, eloquent and practical manner through the individual elements of the training and gives you sufficient space for discussions and questions.

The aim of the training is to support the management of the companies in the optimal implementation of the obligations, with clear knowledge of the rights, and to be able to define possible measures in the organization.