The Elephant Network - your Competence Marketplace

The elephant has been symbolic of wisdom and knowledge for centuries. Our mission is to bring together people and competence in just one place. We offer qualification for leaders and employees, or you have the possibility to book an already competent partner, who will support you immediately.


We disclose everything for our customers – you will not expect hidden prices or subscriptions. Each individual service offer is marked with a price, which is permanent and does not increase due to unexpected additional costs. Do you have questions about pricing? Our service team will be happy to assist you with advice and action.


As a member of the Elephant Network family you are part of a huge global network. We stand up for each other and support us. If you have any questions, we will always be at your side. Our support team is happy to help you! Just reach them out via e-mail or phone.


One of our most fundamental values is unconditional trust in dealing with our customers and all participants in our network. Because trust is the basis of every good relationship and we build on a high level of cohesion.

The History of our Network


Year 2012

Established in 2012, the GAB Group is providing trainings with local staff and partner in several countries, all over the world. With subsidiaries in Germany, Mexico, USA, Thailand and China, a high level of reach was achieved. A special focus is placed on quality management in the automotive sector. In order to be able to keep up in the era of digitalization, qualifications can be carried out both on site and online.


Year 2016

In 2016 the GAB Group was able to achieve a great success. As an official operator of incorporated supplier academies in the automotive sector, the GAB Group supports OEM suppliers worldwide. The platform was developed and provided in cooperation with the taliox GmbH.


Year 2020

As a further milestone, the competence marketplace Elephant Network was launched in 2020. This focuses on many more industries and topics. In cooperation with our partners, we are constantly aiming to offer a broad portfolio of competences and to improve it permanently. Once again, taliox GmbH was gained as a cooperation partner.