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Moderation of FMEA projects

Moderation of FMEA projects (design or process FMEA according to AIAG/VDA Harmonized) In the context of the creation of design or process FMEA according to AIAG/VDA harmonized standards, the use of a moderator who guides the executing group through the FMEA process independent of their own interests in the results is indispensable. It is precisely here that the use of an expert with a high level of experience and competence is advisable, so that the company's technical experts can concentrate on the essential issues and do not get lost in the methodology.   Goal: Pragmatic and efficient preparation of an FMEA with the help of an external moderator   Content All tasks and the necessary scope will be agreed and defined with you before the offer is submitted. You will receive a final offer from us on the basis of the target price once we have clarified all the contents with you. Usual steps: Discussion with the project manager Preparation and planning of the FMEA scope Support with system analysis Support and moderation in functional and risk analysis Support and moderation in the evaluation and optimization Documentation in APIS IQ FMEA Important: The provider offers to moderate the process, he will not create the FMEA without the participation of the company's own departments.   The provider:   MDQM is a freelance engineering office with Markus Dönni as owner. Markus Dönni has been working in the QM of the automotive industry for 25 years and has been running the engineering office since 2003. 400 audits worldwide have given him the opportunity to gain experience in auditing both within the organisation and with its suppliers. As a certified AQMA auditor according to ISO9001, IATF 16949 1st/2nd party auditor, and certified VDA 6.3 3rd party auditor, he covers the entire QM audit spectrum.   He got to know the FMEA methodology as early as 1990 during his QM assignment at the headquarters of a German OEM. Since 1998 he has been using the FMEA methodology in various own projects as QA manager of a supplier and since 2003 he is trainer and moderator for FEAM in various projects. The spectrum ranges from simple manufacturing processes like handling devices in assembly to battery cell production and chemical manufacturing processes.

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ONLINE TRAINING-ID 417 - Automotive Core Tools for Process and System Auditors

Background and Topics In order to ensure a high quality of the audit activities in the companies and the entire supply chain, auditors need to have the appropriate competence in relation to the respective methods. The IATF 16949 clearly emphasizes this requirement for the competence of the auditors. The effcient approach during the audits is an important success factor. This training deals with typical audit situations along the Automotive Core Tools. Target Audience This two-day training course is aimed at qualifed VDA 6.3 process auditors who wish to apply for an extension, as well as prospective VDA 6.3 Process and IATF System auditors who are seeking qualifcation. Objectives The participants strengthen their technical competence and deepen their knowledge on the basis of typical auditing situations in the context of quality methods, focusing on an effcient approach. Both the assessment of the technically correct application of the respective methods and the case-specifc assessment of typical situations are a central component of the training. Concept and Methods During the training, the technical input on the single Core Tools (RGA / APQP, VDA 2 / PPAP, FMEA, VDA 5 / MSA, Cmk / PpK/ CpK / SPC and 8D) will alternate with work tasks, single and group work exercises on typical examples. The main focus is on the quality methods that are crucial for the German automotive industry. Priority is given to the practical application by the participants. Prerequisites for Attendance Participation in this training requires good knowledge of the Automotive Core Tools. Participants can see which tools are included in the training in the following list of quality methods. In preparation for the training, it is recommended to refresh the expertise with appropriate sources, if necessary: Method list:                                                                                     Advanced Quality Planning /Product Development Process (Source:  VDA Volume Maturity Level Assurance for New Parts (MLA)) Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA) and Special Characterisitcs (Source:  AIAG & VDA FMEA Handbook and VDA Volume Special Characteristics ) Statistical evaluation of measuring systems (MSA) (Source: VDA Volume 5 – Capability of Measurement Systems) Statistical Process Control (SPC) (Source: VDA Volume 4 - Economical Process Design and Process Control ) Sample processing methods (Source: VDA Volume 2 – Production Process and Product Approval (PPF) ) Control plan  (Source: IATF 16949)                                                       Problem-solving techniques   (Source: VDA Volume 8D – Problem Solving in 8 Disciplines )   Certifcate of Qualifcation After passing the test, the participants will receive a certifcateof qualifcation Duration 2 days

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Operative Support

Product group

Our partners offer operational support in serveral areas like in the event of quality problems or to carry out sorting operations to secure customer deliveries. They also provide offerings for laboratory tests for component release and purity determination as well as FMEA moderation. Furthermore our partners provide project management support (SCRUM Master) or language translations of customer texts.

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