About Railway

Rail transport (also called rail traffic), is still a central element of our infrastructure. Not only for passenger transport in local and long-distance traffic, but also for the transport of goods across national borders. Since the early 1800 century, humanity has been relying on using railways as a means of transport. Then as now, the aspect of safety played a central role. At maximum speeds of over 300 km/h, a perfect interplay between technology and human intervention is essential. This makes it more important that specifications and standards are regularly checked and complied with.

Standards, processes and methods

In the railway industry, a wide range of standards, processes, methods and tools have been established which ensure quality and safety throughout the entire process in rail transport, from the supplier to the producer.

This requires special competencies of the users: Based on the specifications of IRIS (International Railway Industry Standard), compliance with ISO/TS 22163 in particular ensures maximum quality and customer satisfaction throughout the entire supply chain. Do you need competences in the railway industry? Discover the services of our partners and get in touch with our experts.

Standards, processes and methods

The offer of the competence partners of the Elephant Network ranges from the qualification of your employees (so that they can acquire competence in a safe and controlled way) to the support in the use of methods and the operative implementation of services. Of course, our partners will also qualify your auditors according to ISO/TS 22163 or conduct corresponding audits in your name, at your premises or at your global suppliers.

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