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The automotive industry is currently in an uncertain period. Even though the automotive industry is still one of the most important branches of the economy, vehicle manufacturers are facing a major transformation. Both production and the vehicle itself need to be restructured and further developed in terms of e-mobility, autonomous driving and sustainability.

Standards, processes and methods

The automotive industry has established a wide range of processes, methods and works that are necessary for the error-free development and production of vehicles. This requires special competencies of the users: Whether reactive methods such as 8D, damage part analysis or warranty and goodwill processing, method competence in the preventive area such as FMEA, RGA, APQP, PPAP or other regulations of the AIAG (Automotive Industry Action Group) and the VDA (German Association of the Automotive Industry). AIAG and VDA play a central role in quality assurance and in guaranteeing safety. During the entire process from the supplier to the vehicle manufacturer itself, compliance with standards and norms in production and development is controlled.

All of this against the background of changing legislation, e.g. in the product liability and product safety act, as well as changing requirements in technological terms such as electric mobility and autonomous driving.

Competences in the automotive industry

The offer of the competence partners of the Elephant Network ranges from the qualification of your employees, so that they acquire skills safely and masterly through the support in the use of methods such as FMEA moderation or similar to the operational implementation of services such as sorting campaigns and the like. Of course, our partners will also qualify your auditors according to ISO9001 and IATF 16949 or carry out corresponding audits on your behalf, at your site or at your global suppliers.

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