Advanced training conformity of production (EU) 2018/858

Mark Haacke Training & Consulting
Quality Management, Management, Lab Tests, Product Safety, Project Management, Approval Related Requirements


From September 1st, 2020, the new framework regulation (EU) 2018/858 is mandatory for the approval of vehicle types and their equipment.

Of course, all training courses from Mark Haacke Training & Consulting are based on the new requirements.


The fulfilment of all legal requirements during the development, production and use of vehicles is an important factor for companies to minimize costs and risks by finding a reasonable balance between the costs incurred to provide all required evidence and the risks that may arise from a deviation from these requirements.

The knowledge imparted in this training goes beyond the knowledge of the basic CoP training and provides the participants (optionally adapted to the specific needs of the company) with knowledge about the subtleties of the legal requirements.

The training is primarily aimed at experts from the fields of homologation, quality assurance and CoP. Interested parties from other fields are welcome. The training is almost the same as the "Basic Training Approval Procedures" and "Basic Training CoP", in order to make the start easier.

The training comprises the following learning units- summary of CoP basic training- consolidation of CoP- Q and QM system- consolidation of CoP- P / product tests- consolidation of the legal requirements and differentiation from other production securing measures, as well as other legal requirements- evaluation / assessment of CoP tests in detail- measures in case of non-conformity in detail- summary of recalls and market surveillance- practical exercises and quizzes to consolidate the acquired knowledge- learning success control