Basic training conformity of production (EU) 2018/858

Mark Haacke Training & Consulting
Quality Management, Management, Lab Tests, Product Safety, Approval Related Requirements


From September 1st, 2020, the new framework regulation (EU) 2018/858 is mandatory for the approval of vehicle types and their equipment.

Of course, all training courses from Mark Haacke Training & Consulting are based on the new requirements.


Meeting all legal requirements during the development, production and use of vehicles is an important factor for companies to minimize costs and risks, and to find a reasonable balance between the costs of providing all required evidence and the risks that can arise from deviating from these requirements.

As an employee of a vehicle manufacturer, the acquired knowledge will help you to understand your obligations, from product development to recycling, and to derive the right measures to minimize the risk of withdrawal/refusal of approval, import stops in certain markets or extensive recall actions. The training is aimed at employees of vehicle manufacturers and suppliers of the automotive industry who work in the field of homologation, certification, development or production/quality assurance.

But also related departments such as logistics, marketing and ultimately the staff of inspection and testing laboratories, both internal and external manufacturers, can use the knowledge of legal requirements of their products and services to identify risks and determine a reasonable level of precautions (to ensure conformity of production) and evidence.

The training comprises the following units of learning

- summary of approval procedures

- basics of CoP- QM- system - CoP-Q

- product testing - CoP-P- quality certificates vs. CoP- certificates

- examples of concrete CoP requirements

- auditing

- evaluation / assessment of CoP tests

- measures in case of non-compliance

- practical exercises and quizzes to consolidate the acquired knowledge

- learning success control