ID410 - Production Process and Product Approval (PPA)

GAB Asia Ltd.


The fifth edition of the VDA volume 2 was fundamentally revised in 2012 and adapted to current automotive demands. Correlations to existing VDA volumes (e.g. Maturity Level Assurance, VDA 6.3) are highlighted and integrated.
The objective of this course it to convey the triggers, requirements, structured implementation in operational and organizational structure as well as provide evidence for the PPA procedure.



  • Overview and relation to important legal/ statutory regulations (e.g. BGB, HGB, ProdHaftG, GPSG, KBA, IMDS, REACH)
  • Structure of the fifth edition of VDA volume 2
  • Content with changes since the fourth edition
  • Focus areas:
  • Basic sequence of PPA and sampling
  • Planning and coordination of PPA procedure incl. chronological integration into product engineering process
  • Trigger matrix
  • Sampling levels
  • Process validation
  • Dealing with small-scale series
  • Explanation of the necessary organization specific need for regulation
  • Practical example sampling process

Prerequisites for participation

Working knowledge of ISO/TS or IATF 16949 basic requirements and experience and knowledge in dealing with customer-specific requirements for sampling processes (e.g. Volkswagen AG, BMW AG and Daimler AG), as well as general basic knowledge of the VDA volumes is advantageous. Attendance of the VDA course “Maturity Level Assurance” is recommended.

Target audience

Quality managers, quality engineers, purchasing/development/logistics/production personnel with quality relevant tasks, as well as all interested automotive personnel.

Qualification Certificate

After passing the test, you will receive a VDA certificate of qualification.


1 ½ days


VDA volume 2

Important Advice

As a rule, the team of instructors consists of experienced representatives from the automotive and supplier industry.