ID 602 - Maturity Level Assurance for new parts

GAB Asia Ltd.
Quality Management, VDA Standards


The objective of the standard is the sustainable improvement of start-up, delivery and field quality of all supplier parts, components and systems through process-accompanying assurance of product maturity at the start of production. By applying a standardized method,
projects are segmented, assessed early on and corrected.

This system for maturity level assurance describes a standard concept for cooperation and communication in complex product development projects with many parties involved in the supply chain. Therefore, it provides a standard set of measured values and criteria with the corresponding methodology. Since planned comprehensive use of the standard in the automotive and supplier industries requires knowledge and competence in different functions of the organization, a correspondingly broad scope and two-day course was designed.



The course imparts knowledge about maturity level methods (assessment, content, control and report systematics) that are necessary in maturity level regulatory processes in the product development process.
Furthermore, the measurement criteria are worked out in detail in workshop mode. Finally, the content is applied in practice during a group exercise at an “interdisciplinary round table”.

  • Initial situation and history
  • Methods and basic principles of maturity level assurance
  • Positive and negative examples from organizations
  • Typical conflict of interests
  • Role of the participants at the round table
  • Opportunities for cooperation
  • Group work

Prerequisites for participation

Experience in project work / product engineering process and / or parts/components qualification

Target audience

QA personnel, product managers, project managers in product development, product planners, leaders/spokespersons of cross-functional and cross-organizational development teams, persons responsible for components, the supplier’s customer team and project leaders, key account managers.

Qualification Certificate

At the end, you will receive a VDA certificate of qualification.


2 days


VDA volume Maturity Level Assurance for New Parts