ID 442 - FMEA – Basic Training Harmonized AIAG-VDA FMEA

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FMEA – Basic Training Harmonised AIAG-VDA FMEA

Suppliers delivering their product to European and North American manufacturers (OEM) are obliged to evaluate the FMEA, based on the VDA and AIAG FMEA manuals. Occasionally, this has led to an increase in the complexity of product development and improvement for suppliers. Joint requirements and expectations for FMEA now enable suppliers to design a coherent process for FMEA that meets the needs and expectations of their respective customers.

Concept and Methods

Before the workshop, an online quiz, for which some excerpts from the FMEA manual are provided, determines the participants’ level of knowledge. Then follows the classroom workshop with integrated individual tasks and group exercises, supported by the instructor’s special expertise. Eight weeks later, there is a final webinar in which the participants communicate with each other, exchange experiences and can ask questions.


The objective of this workshop is to teach the basics of FMEA and to give practical tips for application.

Prerequisites for participation

There are no prerequisites for attending this training.

Target audience

Beginners and prospective users of this method from product and process development, testing, logistics, manufacturing, inspection planning, maintenance and quality.

Qualification Certificate

After passing the test, the participants will receive a certificate of qualification.


2 days


AIAG & VDA FMEA manual