FMEA Moderation (Failure Mode & Effect Analysis)

GAB Europe



Risk assessments have been carried out in companies for many years, but they often show weaknesses in risk identification and assessment. An FMEA moderation can provide the team with professional support in the implementation of an FMEA and correct application of an FMEA, thus significantly improving the result.

Learn the basics of product or process FMEA and important skills and competencies that you need as a moderator for FMEA's.

Trainer competence:

Moderation experience in the implementation of product and process FMEA's in different industrial sectors characterize our trainers for this seminar.

Goal: Participants know the procedures of the current version of FMEA and can safely moderate FMEA sessions.


1.      Historical information on FMEA

2.      Basic knowledge of product and process FMEA

3.      FMEA approach in 5 or 7 steps

4.      FMEA evaluation and avoidance of risks


5.      Visualize

6.      Present

7.      Moderation Tools

                           I.          What does moderation mean?

                          II.          Preparation of an FMEA meeting

                        III.          Getting to know each other, matrix, profile, rules of the game

                        IV.          The meeting moderation

                         V.          Follow-up of the moderation                

Requirements: none

Target group: Persons who are to carry out FMEA moderations safely.

Duration: 2 days

Literature: Seminar documents

Price per participant open seminar:                           1.100,00 EUR

Price for in-house event up to 15 persons:                6.600,00 EUR