The vision of Doing!

Christian Stelzhammer
German / Deutsch
2,400.00 €*



Life is getting more and more complicated for many of us, we are becoming more and more affected by uncertainty and fears. Career changes and challenges to a fulfilled (work) life lead to a better life despite existing prosperity, more and more often to stress or permanent dissatisfaction. We seem to be running in a mill and we are missing those LIGHTHOUSES, which give us orientation and clarity again on our way.


Need a change of perspective?



  • Designing or consolidating a personal life vision
  • Clear picture of the future, which gives strength and motivation
  • Letting go of old, negative thinking patterns.
  • Recognizing and defining your own self-esteem
  • Identifying values and learning to LIVE
  • Discover your own motivation and use it positively
  • Correct energy management in professional and private life
  • Prevention through regeneration
  • Understanding and using the power of thoughts and feelings


In this seminar you will be supported, coached and accompanied by an experienced trainer. In this superlearning, with a lot of active exercises, you will learn how to achieve a satisfied and how a successful (work) life can look like.

In a relaxed atmosphere, new strength and lightness for everyday life is filled up.

*This offer has a fixed price. Travel costs are not included, except statet otherwise.

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