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About the trainer:

Mark Haacke Training & Consulting offer a portfolio of our own training courses on requirements relevant to approvals and Mark Haacke has been active in the automotive industry for over 20 years. The most important stations in his curriculum vitae show positions in various companies, with the focus on approval/approval, recalls and field actions, as well as CoP conformity of production. Mark Haacke has been working as a trainer since 2015 and has had his own training program since 2019, which benefits from many years of experience and has an excellent practical orientation.



The training courses offer plenty of space for questions and discussions. Practical exercises as well as the training content can be adapted to the respective company and it is even possible to compile an individual training from a large number of existing learning modules. The training courses are designed as one-day training courses, but can also be combined as a 2-day training course. This option also applies to the option "BYT Build your Training", with which you can design your own customized training course. The recommended number of participants is 5-12. For smaller or larger groups, adapted prices can be offered. It is also possible to qualify individual participants in a targeted manner - you define the learning objectives, Mark Haacke Training & Consulting ensures that these are achieved.

*This offer is priced per unit. The final price is agreed together with the partner. Travel costs are not included, except statet otherwise.

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