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In connection with IATF 16949, the so-called customer-specific requirements represent essential requirements for the quality management of a supplier in the automotive industry.

These requirements are supplements to the contract between car manufacturer and supplier and often not sufficiently known, which can have fatal consequences.

Get to know the essential customer-specific requirements from BMW Goup and learn how to implement these requirements.

Trainer competence:

Several years of experience in supplier management with automobile manufacturers or in quality management with direct suppliers for the BMW Group distinguish our trainers as competent mediators for the contents of this seminar.

Objective: Participants know the essential customer-specific requirements of the BMW Group and are able to implement them successfully.


o   Sense, goal and benefit of the customer-specific requirements of an automobile manufacturer

o   BMW Group General Terms and Conditions of Purchase and Sustainability Standard

o   Requirements for generally applicable VDA (Verband der Automobilindustrie) standards required by BMW

o   BMW packaging manual

o   BMW Group Standards (GS)

-       BMW GS 91001 and 91002- Parts identification

-       BMW GS 90034 - Marking of storage periods

-       BMW GS 90018-1 and 90018-2 - Requalification of product and process at suppliers

-       BMW GS 95015 - Requirements for the supplier's fault analysis and rectification in the 0-km range

-       BMW GS 95004 - Diagnosis of components

o   Competence Check

Requirements: none

Target group: People who are charged with the implementation or review of customer-specific requirements of the BMW Group or who want to conclude contracts with the automotive industry.

Duration: 2 days

Literature: Seminar documents


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