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The SaaS-solution for your strategically optimal management system

It often proves to be extremely complex for companies to integrate their own corporate cultures into their management system. The two-world principle: management and business issues against processes, procedures and operational systems come together. The future-oriented successor of management software solutions is called quiub®.

- suitable for all industries. For small, medium and large companies.

Different systems and regulations can be controlled in a complementary way with the quiub®. With your quiub® you can integrate ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 13485 and IAFT 16949 or even completely different sets of rules and regulations into a single system as required. In this way, Quiub® enables you to collect and process various parallel systems centrally in your company. With quiub®, you can immediately see whether your company meets the requirements of the applicable standards, and you can take immediate action in case of non-compliance. All information is available in quiub® and can be accessed from anywhere at any time.

Advantages and functionalities of the quiub® software for integrated management systems

  • All project management and quality management functionalities are included in quiub® IMS
  • All standards, laws and directives according to uniform field of application
  • Development and expansion of your integrated management systems
  • Coordination of the various management systems
  • International use thanks to innovative multilingual concept
  • Transparent mapping organisational structures with several locations
  • Browser-based, web-based solution for mobile content

An integrated management system always makes sense if parallel management systems are maintained in a company - whether it is "only" quality management and environmental protection or occupational health and safety. At the latest then an integrated system should be considered more closely if another system is to be added. As parallel systems often lead to redundant data maintenance, higher and interface problems. The essential things become simple. With quiub® you can map all your rules and regulations in one application.

Transparency is the key to success

A further highlight is the Saas solution, which allows all employees to use the fields of activity and processes licence-free. It also offers direct and uncomplicated access to information, documents and reports.

With quiub® as the basis for an integrated management system, numerous interfaces and links are possible. If you are interested in a complete overview of compatible systems with quiub or an individual constellation analysis, our experienced technical consultant is always available to help you.

How big should your integrated management system be? quiub® software is exactly the size you need.

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