Special process CQI-9 Heat Treat System Assessment (HTSA)

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Learn the CQI requirements supplement customer-specific requirements. which you can use for your work as self-assessment of own organization's ability to meet legal, customer-specific and own (internal) requirements and also external assessment for supplier by customer. To use evaluation process under process approach. Learn how to use CQI-9, HTSA, and process table.

Trainer competence:

Several years of experience in the automotive industry and projects for the implementation of CQI-9 HTSA in companies distinguish our trainers for this seminar.

Goal: Participants understand and learn how the systematic evaluation of the special processes as a basis for securing the control and delivery of parts and materials that correspond to the required quality is carried out.


1.      The structure of the CQI 9 documents

2.      The requirements for the evaluation of procedures and frequencies

3.      The requirements for the internal self-assessment and qualification of assessors

4.      The self-assessment procedure, checklists and exchange of reference examples

5.      Effective auditing by used the automotive process approach

6.      Demonstrate how the following topics can be effectively implemented using an automotive process approach

·        The evaluation of the system

·        The order-related audit form

·        The process tables

7.      Development of an “audit plan” as a guide for implementation in your organization                      

Requirements: none

Target group: Persons who are to system auditor or auditee for special process heat treatment.

Duration: 1 day

Literature: Seminar documents


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