Consulting and Extended Problem-Solving II

taliox GmbH
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85.00 € Per Hour*


Are you facing a major restructuring? Are you looking for ways to fundamentally improve yourself and your company?
We as external consultants offer a new and fresh perspective directly out of a Start-Up Environment!



Who are we?

We are a successful start-up from Hamburg that offers a variety of services in the field of information technology.

Taliox was founded in 2016 by four IT specialists and has since been helping its customers to benefit from innovative and state-of-the-art technologies.

As today's digital natives, our team can deliver innovative software solutions by combining an intrinsic technical understanding with the latest research.

As an innovative digitizer, we optimize processes, design digital strategies, and carry out feasibility studies. We realize our customers' ideas, whether it is a web or desktop application, an app, or a website.

Furthermore, with a platform for advanced digital quality planning and an Audit Assistant, we have a constantly expanding product portfolio.


Industry sectors
IT consulting, automotive, consumer goods, software development
Areas of application
project management, process management, strategy development, concept development, team management, IT security, digitization, software development, performance optimization
We provide organizational consulting, develop information strategies for your company, carry out feasibility studies and calculate the solution costs.
With the aim of solving the actual problems directly!
Building up on our consulting methods from Problem-Solving and Consulting I we will build a first solution for your problem in this process and test its suitability for you.

We will concentrate on the first three steps of our methodological consulting, based on our experience, will adapt to your needs in this process.


Our way of working is divided into three activities according to our consulting work.
In the first step, the information shared with us is used to generate and evaluate different ideas based on your challenges.
We then switch to prototyping mode after detailed elaboration to create prototypes that will be used for evaluation.
The prototype can be very versatile and depends on your ideas. This can range from a web or desktop application, a website to an app!
Finally, the prototype that has now been built is used to generate actual user feedback.
Instead of working at the concept level, this format is more of a practical type to generate results that might as well be used in future project phases.
Companies with whom we can work can break down stuck thinking patterns with our help and make the best future-oriented decisions in intensive cooperation with us.
Our working concept effectively structures our cooperation with the aim of your maximum success

*This offer is priced per unit. The final price is agreed together with the partner. Travel costs are not included, except statet otherwise.

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