Release of serial deliveries with PPAP and PPF

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Recognize the need to develop externally sourced material to production maturity and release it before production starts. For this purpose, the procedures and methods for reliable proof of compliance with requirements set by suppliers and customers must be agreed upon and the roles of both parties must be defined. The Production Part and Approval Process (PPAP) and the Production Process and Product Release (PPF) are used as leading methods worldwide.

Trainer competence:

Several years of experience in supplier management and projects for the introduction of release processes according to PPAP or PPF in companies distinguish our trainers for this seminar.

Objective: The participants understand the approaches of PPAP and PPF with their respective specific characteristics including the differences or similarities of the two methods and are able to use them successfully.


o   Recognition of the sense and purpose of production process and product release

o   Understand and understand the procedure and process of PPAP and PPF

o   get to know the criteria of both methods for the release and be able to carry out the evaluation yourself

o   Communicate the meaning and added value of both methods to management and the parties involved

o   Comparison PPAP ó PPF - Identifying the differences and the respective pros and cons

Requirements: none

Target group: Persons in the automotive and automotive supplier industry from the areas of development, purchasing, quality assurance, etc. who actively participate in the release process.

Duration: 2 days

Literature: Seminar documents


The price includes the seminar documents, lunch and coffee breaks during the 2-day seminar.

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