Basic course Moderation

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Learn the basic skills of moderation, visualization and presentation that you need for the job or as a moderator for problem solving, project evaluation etc.

Trainer competence:

Our trainers for this seminar have experience in moderating major events (e.g. conferences) and also internal company tasks such as project evaluations and crises.

Goal: Participants can confidently visualize, present and moderate topics.


1.      Visualize

                           I.          What does visualization mean?

                          II.          Visualization applied in practice

                        III.          Elements of the visualization

                        IV.          Representation possibilities and media

2.      Present

                           I.          What does presentation mean?

                          II.          Preparation of a presentation

                        III.          Conducting a presentation (opening, main part, closing)

                        IV.          Follow-up of a presentation

3.      Presentation

                           I.          What does moderation mean?

                          II.          Preparation of a moderation, Criteria for the selection of topics, Evaluation list of a moderation

                        III.          Performing a moderation, Collect, select and edit topics, Planning measures and completion

                        IV.          Getting to know each other, matrix, profile, rules of the game

                         V.          Brainstorming, card inquiry, call up inquiry

                        VI.          Topic memory, single-point and multi-point polling

                      VII.          Crosshairs and grid

                    VIII.          Mid-Mapping

                        IX.          Schedule

                         X.          Action and measures plan

                        XI.          mood barometer, flashlight

                      XII.          The meeting moderation

                    XIII.          Follow-up of the moderation                

Requirements: none

Target group: Persons who are to conduct moderations or presentations safely.

Duration: 2 days

Literature: Seminar documents


The price includes the seminar documents, lunch and coffee breaks during the 2-day seminar.

*This offer has a fixed price. Travel costs are not included, except statet otherwise.

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