Leadership Smarties- Online trainings and coachings -Personal leadership despite distance- Module 4 ME + THE ORGANISATION: Participation & Communication

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Our joint challenge

The current situation is a great challenge for everyone, and more than ever before, you need to be focused and professional in order to stay confident and powerful during this time and to ensure that team work runs smoothly.
Many managers are particularly in demand in this situation and at the same time are faced with the question for the first time: How does virtual leadership work?
For this reason, managers should be supported and accompanied by a suitable virtual format to meet this challenge.
This will be presented in the following: a modular online practical training with coaching for executives to accompany and support them in the currently unplanned situation - and beyond.

Module 4 ME + THE ORGANISATION: Participation & Communication

  • My own communication in the organization (superiors, peers, customers, stakeholders)
  • Strengthen team and cross-departmental cooperation, get out of the silos
  • Our positioning in the organization
  • Maintain and expand my network in the company, now virtual
    Looking beyond the crisis: our contributions to the future of the company (under the current conditions of virtual communication)
  • Continue change processes virtually

Number of participants (max. 6), no fixed learning group. Number of appointments (1.5 h per session) that do not build on each other.
Each of the 4 modules can be booked for each of the 6 time slot

07:00-08:30 Early Birds
09:00-10:30 Morning Smarty
12:00-13:30 Lunch & Learn
15:00-16:30 Tea Timer
17:00-18:30 After Work Smarty
21:00-22:30 Night Liner

Central European Time, CET

Our Virtual Classroom is browser-based, so that participants receive an access link with their invitation, which allows them to easily dial in without installing plug-ins or an app.
Nevertheless, a connection check in advance is recommended to ensure good communication between your IT and our platform.

On request, connection checks with each participant in advance

Preparation and realization per Smarty (1,5 h) incl. participant documents as PDF
€ 600,00 (up to 6 participants)

Technology check and provision of the Virtual Classroom
€ 15,00 per participant

Presentation "Leadership Smarties" on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ESzHEtxENfs

Overview of modules:

Module 1 Me: Personal in spite of distance

Module 2 Me + You: Creating affiliation and commitment

Module 3 I + MY TEAM: Providing for efficient exchange

Module 4 ME + THE ORGANISATION: Participation & Communication

*This offer has a fixed price. Travel costs are not included, except statet otherwise.

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