Performance of process audits according to VDA 6.3 for electronic components

MDQM Markus Dönni
China, Europe, North America, Oceania, South America, Southeast Asia
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2,300.00 € Per Day*


Implementation of process audits for risk management within the company or in the supply chain

Independent, competent auditors are required to carry out process audits according to VDA 6.3. Especially the evaluation of specific process risks is a very complex task and requires a high level of competence of the auditor with regard to the process technologies to be evaluated.



Fast, independent assessment of process risks within the product life cycle from development to production to service, taking into account special manufacturer requirements, e.g. from VW Formula Q, MBST, BMW Supplier Manual or GM Group Supply



The preparation and execution of the audit was based on the procedure described in VDA Volume 6.3. Here the auditing of electronic components and their production is offered, such as battery cell production, battery assembly, production of semiconductors, assembly and production of electronic boards, testing, assembly.


All tasks and the necessary scope will be agreed and defined with you before the offer is submitted. You will receive a final offer from us on the basis of the target price once we have clarified all the contents with you.

Usual steps:

  • Determination of the scope of the audit
  • Identification of the OEM and their customer requirements
  • Process Limitation
  • Process structure
  • Risk analysis using Risk Turtle with the customer's experts
  • Planning Audit execution
  • Preparation of checklist for the audit
  • On-site audit in your organization according to plan
  • Assessment of the objective evidence
  • Preparation of report
  • Discussion of the results
  • Discussion of possible areas for improvement and possible measures


The provider:


MDQM is a freelance engineering office with Markus Dönni as owner.

Markus Dönni has been working in the QM of the automotive industry for 25 years and has been running the engineering office since 2003. 400 audits worldwide have given him the opportunity to gain experience in auditing both within the organisation and with its suppliers.

As a certified AQMA auditor according to ISO9001, IATF 16949 1st/2nd party auditor, and certified VDA 6.3 3rd party auditor, he covers the entire QM audit spectrum.


Since 1998, he has been conducting process audits in accordance with VDA 6.3 at various manufacturers and suppliers throughout the entire supply chain. Technologically, classic production processes have been evaluated, from standard joining processes to special processes and assembly processes.

For the past three years, comprehensive knowledge has also been gathered for auditing process risks in electronic component manufacturing, starting with classic soldering processes, through assembly processes and mounting processes, to battery cell production and battery module assembly.


Audit language is German and English.

*This offer is priced per unit. The final price is agreed together with the partner. Travel costs are not included, except statet otherwise.

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