3rd party process audits according to VDA 6.3 by certified auditors on site worldwide

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1,900.00 € Per Day*


3rd party process audits according to VDA 6.3 by certified auditors on site worldwide for supplier approval, evaluation, production approval, complaint processing, potential analysis.

The application of process audits according to VDA 6.3 has proven itself worldwide in the selection, evaluation and further development in supplier management and is established in all German automobile manufacturers and in the supplier structure.

In addition to the extensive preparations, these audits draw their strength from the on-site inspection and discussion with the people and direct view of the production facilities in the factories.

So-called remote audits via video conference are not effective or have significantly less effects.


Due to the COVID 19 pandemic, you can no longer allow your competent auditors to come into direct contact with the suppliers or production facilities on site?

But you still need to monitor and controll your global suppliers?

We can help you!


We have an extensive global network of certified VDA 6.3 3rd party auditors available who mostly also act as trainers.

These are already on site and can audit on site without travel restrictions.

Any quarantine regulations that suddenly arise will be dealt with by us so that your company does not bear any risk here.


We cover the following regions with our own auditors:

- Europe

- Thailand

- Malaysia

- Indonesia

- Philippines

- Vietnam

- China


- Canada

- Mexico

We can cover other regions through our partner network, please ask.

The technical competence of our auditors covers the entire production spectrum, from classic machining, all joining techniques, heat treatment and plastic processing, to the production of electronic components such as wafer production, battery cell production, battery module assembly, SMB assembly, screens. Process engineering products such as paints and greases are also known.

Typical process of an audit:

- Virtual conference preliminary talk

- Planning the audit based on preliminary information and documents

- Risk assessments with the Turtle method with your technical experts (virtual)

- Creation of an audit plan and checklist

- On-site auditing

- Reporting and evaluation

- Voting report (virtual)

- Optional: Follow-up corrective action management


The target price given relates to a single audit and an audit day.

Usually, a supplier audit can take 1-2 days to prepare, 2-3 days on site and one day of follow-up work. This depends on the audit objective and the scope of the process to be considered.

Of course, package prices can be agreed if you want to order a larger volume.

Please note that you do not have to bear any travel expenses for your employees and that you do not have any risk from staff quarantine or even complete shutdowns of your company.


We look forward to helping you during these difficult times.

Please send us a non-binding inquiry.

*This offer is priced per unit. The final price is agreed together with the partner. Travel costs are not included, except statet otherwise.

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