• Sorting of Suspect Parts






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Market surveillance, field measures, recalls

About: The fulfilment of all legal requirements during the development, production and use of vehicles is an important factor for companies to minimize costs and risks, and it is important to find a reasonable balance between the costs incurred in providing all the required evidence and the risks that may arise from deviating from these requirements. With the appropriate knowledge, you will understand how you as a supplier can meet the requirements of OEM and authorities, who may and/or must communicate with the OEM or authorities and which measures can be taken for field and product monitoring. The training includes the following learning units- Summary of CoP and approval procedures- Product groups affected by market surveillance- Measures for active and passive market surveillance- Levels of recalls- Decision matrix- Organization and committees in the companys- Practical exercises and quizzes to consolidate the acquired knowledge- Learning success control

Sorting of Suspect Parts, Quality Management, Management, Functional Safety, Damage Analysis, Lab Tests, Product Safety, Project Management, Approval Related Requirements
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