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taliox GmbH
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Who are we?

We are a successful start-up from Hamburg that offers a variety of services in the field of information technology.

Taliox was founded in 2016 by four IT specialists and has since been helping its customers to benefit from innovative and state-of-the-art technologies.

As today's digital natives, our team can deliver innovative software solutions by combining an intrinsic technical understanding with the latest research.

As an innovative digitizer, we optimize processes, design digital strategies, and carry out feasibility studies. We realize our customers' ideas, whether it is a web or desktop application, an app, or a website.

Furthermore, with a platform for advanced digital quality planning and an Audit Assistant, we have a constantly expanding product portfolio.


Industry sectors
IT consulting, automotive, consumer goods, software development
Areas of application
project management, process management, strategy development, concept development, team management, IT security, digitization, software development, performance optimization.
We provide organizational consulting, develop information strategies for your company, carry out feasibility studies and calculate the solution costs.
Derived from our work process, we focus our consulting service on understanding customer challenges, developing concepts and selecting the best possible solution to remedy identified defects.
We will concentrate on the first three steps of our methodological consulting, based on our experience, will adapt to your needs in this process.
In addition on focusing on the first three steps of our consulting method, tasks such as analyzing the data of a company, determining the requirements for the information system, submitting software and hardware recommendations, defining project objectives, compiling and presenting information are the cornerstone of our Way of working.



Understanding you, the first activity, is the fundamental step to approach your problem and put ourselves in your situation.
We use systematic interviews, observations, and the information you share.
In the second phase, your needs are further narrowed down and defined by techniques such as a Stakeholder map, the desk research method, ... In the end we get a clear picture of your current situation.
The idea phase then serves to generate radical and alternative solutions.
This phase is the most dynamic process of our advice and at the same time the most exciting for you.
Experience shows that everything comes together here and results in well thought-out solutions.
You can benefit the most from this phase.
Participants in this consultation can use the full potential of our company in a short period of time and use it for themselves.
We offer you, free of our own interests, to analyze your problems and to develop solutions together with you.
Participants in this consultation open new perspectives, elegant solutions, and lucrative business ideas.

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