Online self-learning module series: Module 6 Basics Failure Mode and Effects Analysis FMEA

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Online self-learning module series: Basics of quality management and related core tools and methods in the automotive industry.


These online self-learning modules give an overview of the functionality, basic ideas and essential methods and tools of a modern quality management system. Even though all modules are derived and explained based on the experiences and regulations of the automotive industry, the principles and methods can be successfully applied in all industries.


The modules are independent of each other, but together they give a complete overview.


The objective of all modules is the basic communication of the interrelationships and essential functions of the individual modules.


The interactive design guides the participants through a learning experience that explains the complex methods in a clear and humorous way in a simple and sustainable way.


All modules end with a small test and the participants receive a learning certificate.


Learn quickly - vividly - sustainably, with fun.

Module 6 Basics Failure Mode and Effects Analysis FMEA


Description and objectives:

Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA) was developed in the 1960s as a safety measure for a successful mission to land on the moon. Over time, many industries have adopted and developed the benefits of this systematic creativity technique for finding possible faults in complex systems and assessing their impact on the overall system. Especially in the automotive industry, this method has established itself as a core tool for the early elimination of potential risks to life and limb of vehicle users. Today, this method is indispensable proof of hazard prevention in the sense of the Product Safety Act and an economical method for prioritizing resources to major defects with serious effects rather than those with minor effects.


-        The development of FMEA

-        Background and application of FMEA

-        the 7 steps of FMEA according to AIAG/VDA standard

-        Risks in the preparation of the FMEA

-        Documentation and measures from the FMEA

Duration approx. 30min

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