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Audit procedure for the identification of insecure and risky system components

The security of infrastructures and IT systems requires an appropriate use of cryptography and security tools. A wrong use or faulty instantiations often have a tremendous impact on the security of complete IT infrastructures. They represent the gateway for attackers and malware. Quantum computers represent an advancing technology that break all currently applied public key cryptosystems. The security is threatened to an unprecedented extent. Resulting financial losses and reputational damages due to lack of prevention and appropriate protection measures may affect the situation of the company in the short and long term.

Due to the complexity of software applications and IT systems, it is important to check and monitor the security of the system in terms of the correct use of cryptographic algorithms and tools. It is therefore important to have the right protection measures in place.

To this end, the security system has to be assessed with respect to compliance with the security requirements. In a first step, the security requirements have to be determined. Subsequently, the security of the system under consideration is screened and checked in order to identify risky and insecure components that do not satisfy the requirements. This also includes the correct usage of crypto libraries, crypto functions and other tools. Furthermore, components that are vulnerable to quantum computer attacks are separately identified. The various parts then have to be assessed according to their risk and will be classified into different risk classes.  In the next stage, the conception of an appropriate IT security strategy is carried out. It contains an action plan and roadmap that transforms the IT infrastructure into the desired shape ensuring the desired security goals while being protected against any quantum computer attacks.

Immediate action requests can be addressed using the solutions provided by QuantiCor Security. This holistic approach allows to capture individual circumstances and to treat them in a very targeted manner.

Is your company also immune against threats arising from new technologies?

In our analysis and consulting services, we take all kinds of threats into account. These also include those arising from new technologies and innovations, such as quantum computers.

We take special care to recommendations of BSI (Federal Office for Information Security) and NIST.

After a positive evaluation of your systems, it is possible to obtain a TÜV-label that is issued in cooperation with TÜV Nord. Beside other benefits it demonstrates quantum computer resistance of your systems to your customers.


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About QuantiCor Security

QuantiCor Security is an IT security partner and expert for the security risk of quantum computers and multi-party computation. We are part of the innovation cluster for cyber security and support companies from all industries with resource-saving and future-proof solutions (incl. OTA updates). Our approach: Analysis, technology development, product integration and support.

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