Seminar hiking: On the way to yourself

Christian Stelzhammer
German / Deutsch
1,795.00 €*


A life as adventurer:

Ships are not built to be in a safe haven, but rather that you go on journeys of discovery, experience adventures and return to your home port with many new insights. And that is also the way it is with us humans. We did not come into the world to live in a comfort zone. But to discover, to learn, to develop, to stay curious, and to always go on new adventures.


"Seminar hiking offers meaningful, inspiring, motivating dialogue on the WAY. A seminar that appeals to all senses: hiking as a voyage of discovery into the world of your thoughts and feelings."


On the way to the wonderful mountains of the Gastein Valley we will:

  • BREAK OFF together from the point of origin, look back, evaluate our position, take it and set off again.
  • Desire instead of frustration, filling life with a VISION, MISSION AND PASSION, with a clear life task (finding your book title) and many goals (chapters). Freely according to the MOTTO: rediscovery, further development, acting intuitively and innovatively, living the value.
  • Discover the world NEW together

At various points in the enchanting Gastein Valley we will:

  • Many dialogues along the way
  • Do meaningless exercises
  • Changing our perspective
  • Discovering the big in the small on the way
  • Philosophizing about devils, forest spirits and dwarves
  • To recognize life and death
  • Experience the mountain of senses
  • Enjoy 360-degree views
  • Drop unnecessary ballast
  • Breathe ocean-style air
    ...and maybe discover ourselves sometimes in a new and different way.


The real added value in seminar hiking:

Dialogues will be conducted along the way during the seminar hikes in several ways. One time you are in dialogue with yourself, another time in direct conversation with one of the seminar hiking companions or one experiences spontaneous conversations and situations in the group.

A seminar of a different kind with a lot of colourful, joyful and familiar things.Through the experts in coaching and psychology, you will get an insight into YOU yourself to discover new facets of your personality. New experiences full of excitement and adventure, through which you will certainly take home one or the other insight, because you will return home more motivated and full of energy with inner serenity.You will learn to be YOU, away from your destination, your position or your mission.

Give yourself the TIME and let yourself fall into a seminar of a different kind.



  • Expected date: 07.10.2020 - 08.10.2020
  • Prospective location: Bad Gastein (Austria), probable hotel: Hotel Miramonte 
  • Until the end of August early bird bonus including overbooking package


Trainer & companions:

  • Supervised by the coach/trainer/consultant/speaker Christan Stelzhammer
  • And of the grande dame of psychology, Dr. Brigitte Bösenkopf.
  • Accompanied by an experienced mountain guide, with a moving and exciting history, Thomas Figl.
*This offer has a fixed price. Travel costs are not included, except statet otherwise.

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